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Feature requests for the next versions of IntegraMOD.

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PostAuthor: Blue-Blood » Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:24 am

I know this has nothing to do with IM
But i was hoping someone could help!!

I have managed to create the tabbed nav but cant figure out how to make each tab selected & deselected.


All unselected
Code: Select all
          <div>             <ul>                 <li><a><span>{L_PORTAL}</span></a></li>                 <li><a><span>{L_INDEX}</span></a></li>                 <li><a><span>Chat</span></a></li>                 <IF><li><a><span>{L_GARAGE}</span></a></li><ENDIF>                 <IF><li><a><span>{L_CALENDAR}</span></a></li><ENDIF>                 <li><a><span>{L_FAQ}</span></a></li>                 <li><a><span>{L_GALLERY}</span></a></li>                 <li><a><span>{L_KNOWLEDGE_BASE}</span></a></li>                 <li><a><span>{L_DOWNLOADS}</span></a></li>                 <IF><li><a><span>{L_MEMBERLIST}</span></a></li><ENDIF>             </ul>         </div>  

on the mcp_header.html
it has <IF>
So i tried

Code: Select all
          <div>             <ul>                 <BEGIN>                 <li<IF> class="activetab"<ENDIF>><a><span>{L_PORTAL}</span></a></li>                 <li<IF> class="activetab"<ENDIF>><a><span>{L_INDEX}</span></a></li>                 <li<IF> class="activetab"<ENDIF>><a><span>Chat</span></a></li>                 <IF><li<IF> class="activetab"<ENDIF>><a><span>{L_GARAGE}</span></a></li><ENDIF>                 <IF><li<IF> class="activetab"<ENDIF><a><span>{L_CALENDAR}</span></a></li><ENDIF>                 <li<IF> class="activetab"<ENDIF>><a><span>{L_FAQ}</span></a></li>                 <li<IF> class="activetab"<ENDIF>><a><span>{L_GALLERY}</span></a></li>                 <li<IF> class="activetab"<ENDIF>><a><span>{L_KNOWLEDGE_BASE}</span></a></li>                 <li<IF> class="activetab"<ENDIF>><a><span>{L_DOWNLOADS}</span></a></li>                 <IF><li<IF> class="activetab"<ENDIF>><a><span>{L_MEMBERLIST}</span></a></li><ENDIF>                 <END>             </ul>         </div>  

The result]           <div>             <ul>                                 <li><a><span>{L_PORTAL}</span></a></li>                 <li><a><span>{L_INDEX}</span></a></li>                 <li><a><span>Chat</span></a></li>                 <IF><li><a><span>{L_GARAGE}</span></a></li><ENDIF>                 <IF><li><a><span>{L_CALENDAR}</span></a></li><ENDIF>                 <li><a><span>{L_FAQ}</span></a></li>                 <li><a><span>{L_GALLERY}</span></a></li>                 <li><a><span>{L_KNOWLEDGE_BASE}</span></a></li>                 <li><a><span>{L_DOWNLOADS}</span></a></li>                 <IF><li><a><span>{L_MEMBERLIST}</span></a></li><ENDIF>             </ul>         </div>  [/code]
All tabs are selected!!!

How do i get each tab to be selected !!

Last edited by Blue-Blood on Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:49 pm, edited 1 time in total.

Integra Member
Integra Member
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Re: Tabs Nav?

PostAuthor: Helter » Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:06 am

youll need to create an individual class for each one that has the same css as class="tabbg" and on the selected page, change the class with the style tag

here is an example for the portal page.
in your css file app the portal class like
Code: Select all
.portal_tab { whatever css code for not active}

in styles/portal_common/template/portal.html
Code: Select all
<style>.portal_tab {whatever css code for active}</style>

this will override the css file and change the action of the tab, but only on portal page.

for forum you will do the same thing but add it to your style/template/index_body.html

You wont be able to do this for chat though because it is a popup
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Re: Tabs Nav?

PostAuthor: Blue-Blood » Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:06 pm

Sweet thanks
Works great!!!

I really appreciate all your hard work on IM3 and your quick response to my questions..
Thanks!!!! <img>

Integra Member
Integra Member
Posts: 102
Joined: Tue Jul 04, 2006 9:46 pm
Location: Louisville KY

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