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Including a Web Page in a Portal Block

If you have any helpful hints and/or tips in the use of IntegraMOD, you can post it here to help other members of the IntegraMOD community.

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Including a Web Page in a Portal Block

PostAuthor: jwernerny » Wed Feb 07, 2007 7:57 am

I've been playing around with the design of one of my site in an eye to making the Portal page the home page for the site. To that end, I really wanted to be able to reproduce the contents of a few of the web pages. After copying and pasting HTML into IM Portal blocks, I finally found an easier way...

If you would like to include an already existent web page within a your portal page, do this:
[list type=decimal][*]Go to the Administration Page[*]Open up the "IM Portal" section on the left[*]Select Blocks Management[*]Select the portal page on the right you wish to edit[*]Click "Add Blocks" at the bottom of the table of blocks[*]Fill in the Name, Block Position, and set the block to Active[*]Set the "Type" to BBCode (below the big text box)[*]In the text box enter the following "[web:2685fgq6]http://<url>[/web:2685fgq6]", where <url> is the url of the webpage you wish to include.[*]Click "Submit"[*]Load your portal page and marvel at house easy it was.[/list]

A [not very good] example of this can be seen on The Snow Tire FAQ Forums in a special portal I used to test it:

- John Werner
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Re: Including a Web Page in a Portal Block

PostAuthor: BMD » Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:33 am

I'm working on the same thing and am trying to find out how to reset the height of the blocks.

I finally got this one working.


heres the code for sizing and aligningthe iframed page

[code]<P><iframe src="http]

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