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COOL Typing 'on the fly' Scrolling Text

This forum contains member submitted mods and hacks for IntegraMOD/IM Portal versions

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COOL Typing 'on the fly' Scrolling Text

PostAuthor: tattee » Fri May 23, 2008 8:05 pm

I came across this little .script and implemented it into my index page.. its a nice addition I thought I'd share with you.. the java.script coding was way outdated so I updated the variables and got it working on ie and firefox.

heres a sample page I set up for you guys to see..
Code: Select all

the typing is all configurable and you can add as many lines as you want.

heres the .script.. (change the bgcolor and text color to suit your site)

[code]  <script>  /*Typing Scroller*/  //Secify scroller contentsvar line=new Array()line[1]="    Good Evening Ma'am..   Sir"line[2]="          Welcome to the Bar    "line[3]="           May I Serve You...    "line[4]="                     Martini's?        "line[5]="             Shakin' or Stirred?   "line[6]="Of Course... Coming Right Up"  //Specify font size for scollervar ts_fontsize="16px"  //--Don't edit below this line  var longestmessage=1for (i=2;i<line>line[longestmessage].length)longestmessage=i}  //Auto set scroller widthvar tscroller_width=line[longestmessage].length  lines=line.length-1 //--Number of lines  //if IE 4+ or NS6if (document.all||document.getElementById){document.write('<form>')document.write('<input type="text" name="banner" size="'+tscroller_width+'"')document.write('  style="background-color] & temp.length==line[nextline].length & nextline!=lines){nextline++;nextchar=-1;document.bannerform.banner.value=temp;temp="";setTimeout("nextstep()",2000)}else if (nextline==lines & temp==line[nextline] & temp.length==line[nextline].length){nextline=1;nextchar=-1;document.bannerform.banner.value=temp;temp="";setTimeout("nextstep()",2000)}else{nextstep()}}  function nextstep(){  if (cursor=="\"){cursor="|"}else if (cursor=="|"){cursor="/"}else if (cursor=="/"){cursor="-"}else if (cursor=="-"){cursor="\"}    nextchar++;temp+=line[nextline].charAt(nextchar);document.bannerform.banner.value=temp+cursorsetTimeout("animate()",45)}  //if IE 4+ or NS6if (document.all||document.getElementById)window.onload=animate  </script>    

place that anywhere within the BODY of your page and it shows up nicely..
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