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Flash Logo - Centered

PostAuthor: tattee » Tue Jun 17, 2008 1:06 am

OPEN templates/xxxx/overall_header.tpl

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<td>     </td>

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EOM - upload file


- The reason for the FIND and DELETE I think is fairly significant. I had noticed that when I went through the process of center my logo, it would remain left justified on my site. What you are deleting is a column used by the 'Overall Banner'.
- in this case, I uploaded the flash movie to templates/xxx/images/logo
- Edit the path and name of your movie to your actual info
- The edits I did centered the LOGO (this is not the banner - you can turn the overall banner off)
- In order to configure the size to eliminate the sides or top WHITE portions of your movie, play with the height and width.
- Finally, if you adjust the height to oversize of the original logo_L, logo_M and logo_R (as in if you want to pull it out like to 90% of total, you will need to resize those images physically to adjust to your new height and re-upload them to achieve optimal aesthetic appeal.
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